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New Smart Tech Improves Diabetes Management
New Smart Tech Improves Diabetes ManagementA new frontier of tools for diabetes management is here.
Brand-name patent losses raise pharma cost concernsA number of traditional brand-name pharmaceuticals have lost, or will lose, patent protection this year. What does this mean over the longer-term for controlling costs?
Pharmacy pays $9 million to settle kickback allegationsA Kentucky pharmacy will pay $9.25 million to resolve allegations it received kickbacks from a manufacturer for recommending physicians prescribe a certain drug.
Comparing PCO and glistenings in 2 hydrophobic IOLs: 3-year resultsIn this article, Dr Johannson presents intraindividual IOL comparison follow-up results. Although similar levels of PCO development were observed for both AcrySof and Tecnis one-piece IOLs, fewer glistenings appeared in the Tecnis material, 3 years after implantation.
Cholesterol-lowering agent leads list of most-prescribed drugsRosuvastatin (Crestor, AstraZeneca), a cholesterol-lowering agent, is currently the most-prescribed drug among the 100 most-prescribed and best-selling drugs in the United States. In the past 12 months, new prescriptions and refills for rosuvastatin have been estimated to amount to 23.7 million.
Positive results found for biosimilar in treating psoriasis patientsThe biosimilar candidate ABP 501 (Amgen) has proved to be successful in treating patients with moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis, according to results from an initial phase 3 study. ABP 501 met its primary end point for efficacy.
Low estrogen levels may play role in hypogonadismInsufficient estrogen levels in men may be at least partially to blame for symptoms that are often attributed to hypogonadism, according to a recently published study.