Nutraceuticals: New Opportunities for Pharmacists
Nutraceuticals: New Opportunities for PharmacistsLearning more about popular dietary supplements could further cement pharmacists’ position in the healthcare industry, helping them gain recognition as healthcare providers.
Why Walmart Thinks a Gel Could Stop Opioid Abuse
Why Walmart Thinks a Gel Could Stop Opioid AbuseHow a gel could prevent opioid abuse and get pharmacists more involved.
Top 7 New Year’s Resolutions for Pharmacists
Top 7 New Year’s Resolutions for PharmacistsWe asked pharmacists from all over the country what resolutions pharmacists should make in 2018. Here's what they said.
Job Market Shifting for Pharmacy School Grads
Job Market Shifting for Pharmacy School GradsWhere are today's grads going (and why are there fewer of them)?
Record Attendance at AACP Annual MeetingThousands of faculty and students gathered to hear about the latest in healthcare.
Pharmacy Education: Foundation for Providing HealthAACP offers a rebuttal to a Drug Topics opinion article.
Pharmacists Joining the March for Science
Pharmacists Joining the March for SciencePharmacists and pharmacy groups are taking part in a national march in support for science.
Specialized training puts pharmacists front and centerAs specialized pharmacy education has evolved through the years, the value that pharmacists contribute to healthcare has increased exponentially.
ICD-10 transition will require less training, more planning for physiciansOct. 14, 2014, is the compliance date for ICD-10. That looming deadline has many physicians anxious about the amount of training that will be required. In the Medical Economics webinar, “ICD-10 Expert Views on Preparation,” three panelists discussed some of the major implementation concerns for physicians and offered advice to help them get started.
New contest rewards student innovations in pharmacy and other healthcare professionsFirst winners of the "Pharmacy Is Right for Me Student Innovation Challenge" are announced