3D imaging

Top tech advancements improving breast cancer screening
Top tech advancements improving breast cancer screeningEarly detection of breast cancer continues to be the best way to save lives and decrease healthcare costs over time, and new technology could help.
Visualizing the perfect breast size3D Augmented reality technology takes the guesswork out of determining patient breast size.
Re-evaluate coverage policies for breast cancerNew NCCN guidelines include new technology as an option for patients’ annual screening.
3D planning: Start to finish5 Core components of making the most of 3D technology in plastic surgery planning.
3D applications for aesthetic surgery
3D applications for aesthetic surgeryEliminate some of the guesswork, simplify (and replicate) some of the steps and manage patient expectations with these pointers and pitfalls.
3-D imaging tracks port wine stain changesA new study shows that three-dimensional high precision surface imaging can be used to monitor changes in the area and volume of port wine stains following laser treatment.