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    Physicians' Focus: Hypertension

    According to the American Heart Association, nearly one in three US adults have high blood pressure, but a third of them don't know it. Hypertension continues to be the silent killer because of its lack of symptoms. Patient monitoring and education is mandatory in treating this condition.

    Modern Medicine has gathered together, in one place, its most useful and practical articles on hypertension. These articles provide coverage of hypertensive crises, hypertension treatments, chronic hypertension in pregnancy, infant hypertension, and discussion of a study finding that acetaminophen and NSAIDs elevate the risk of hypertension in women. And, at the bottom you’ll find links to helpful Web sites.

    Hypertensive urgencies and emergencies
    For a patient in hypertensive crisis, rapid diagnosis and prompt, targeted care can easily mean the difference between a good outcome and one with extensive multiorgan damage. This article discusses the difference between hypertensive urgencies and emergencies and offers possible causes and treatments.

    Hypertension: So many treatments, yet so undermanaged
    This article discusses hypertension management, various drugs used to treat it, and patient noncompliance. Also covered are current research as well as the American Heart Association’s guidelines and recommendations.

    When chronic hypertension complicates pregnancy
    Severe maternal and fetal complications can result from untreated hypertension, making it imperative that physicians stay vigilant about recognizing it. This article discusses the influence of chronic hypertension on prenatal care and labor outcomes, the effect of hypertension on the newborn, and identifies the laboratory tests and monitoring requirements of the pregnant patient. Antihypertensive drugs and their side effects and effect on hypertension in pregnancy are also addressed as is postpartum management.

    Little patients, big numbers: Evaluating and managing infant hypertension
    High BP in an infant can indicate underlying serious illness. This article provides information on making the diagnosis of hypertension in an infant (how to get an accurate BP reading, defining hypertension in an infant), incidence, causes, assessment, medication, and prognosis.

    Acetaminophen, NSAIDs elevate hypertension risk in women
    Here is a discussion of the results of a research study that found that acetaminophen and NSAIDs both raised the risk of incident hypertension in women.


    Am I at risk?
    The American Heart Association's page for patients to help them determine their risk of hypertension.

    Clinicaltrials.gov's Hypertension studies
    This page lists ongoing and completed clinical trials in the area of hypertension.

    National Center for Health Statistics – Hypertension
    This page provides statistical data (such as morbidity, health care use, mortality, etc) from the CDC for various date ranges in regard to hypertension. Links are provided as well.

    Prevention, detection, evaluation, and treatment of high blood pressure
    Read the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute’s full—or “express”—report of the Seventh Report of the Joint National Committee on prevention, detection, evaluation, and treatment of high blood pressure.

    Sodium recommendations
    The American Heart Association’s page for patients includes information on common sources of sodium and recommendations for reducing salt in the diet.

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