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    How To Work With A Team Of Managers


    I'm the director of a large medical unit, plus a stepdown unit. To help me I have two team leaders and two educators. Despite having a management "team," I feel that I'm doing the majority of the work. The other members of my team arrive late and leave early. How can I change this pattern, and gain their support?

    First assess your role in the problem. You may be unknowingly undermining their efforts by overriding their decisions. In any case, meet with your team to address the problem. Tell them that you need their support to keep both units running smoothly. Listen to their responses. You'll quickly learn where the problem lies.

    You may find that you need to clarify job expectations. If so, start by outlining what each team member is accountable for. Set deadlines for completing tasks and be specific about what you want. Spell out your expectations relating to things like work hours and days off.

    Hold a weekly meeting to go over progress on assignments. You can also use the meeting time to reward the team for a job well done, and keep them abreast of any news you get from upper management.

    However, if the old habits of arriving late and leaving early continue despite your best efforts, get some "new blood" on your team. Take the necessary steps to replace these people.