Top 7 Weirdest Pharmacy Robberies
Top 7 Weirdest Pharmacy RobberiesRobberies are never a good thing, but sometimes they make for the craziest stories.
Pharmacy Owner Convicted in Opioids CaseAn opioid scheme ends in prison and hefty fines.
America’s self-inflicted opioid crisis
America’s self-inflicted opioid crisisIn the last few years, drug overdoses led by opioids have become the leading cause of accidental deaths, eclipsing that of automobile crashes and violence.
Abuse-Deterrent Opioids Aren’t Effective
Abuse-Deterrent Opioids Aren’t EffectiveNew research suggests that the latest trend in opioids may not be so helpful.
Isn't it time for a 21st Century Pain assessment?The evaluation of pain is extremely difficult due to its subjective nature. We need to move to an evaluation of acute pain that not only takes the patient’s perception into account, but also, for the first time, incorporates objective measures of pain into a global assessment matrix.
What Do Your Patients Do with Unused Meds?How one product is making it easier for your patients to safely dispose of their medications.
DEA Wants 20% Reduction in Opioids
DEA Wants 20% Reduction in OpioidsThe agency says that the reduction lines up with current demand for opioids.
Why are teens not being treated for opioid use disorders?While opioid use disorders among teens and young adults are increasing, the number of youths who receive medication to treat opioid use is decreasing, with significant inequalities among population types.
The opioid pain paradoxI was recently discussing the complexities of opioid management of chronic pain with a medical student, when I recalled the following story.
Risk management lessons from an opioid trial
Risk management lessons from an opioid trialThe use of opioid medications to treat pain is at a watershed moment in the United States.