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How yoga changed one OD’s life
How yoga changed one OD’s lifeNot many of us would rate the 6 a.m. breakfast hour CE at an optometric conference as a favorite or must-do experience. But you haven't been to a class by Danielle Richardson, OD.
States move to prioritize primary care
States move to prioritize primary careWhen it comes to promoting investment in primary care, Oregon might very well be the country’s current champion innovator.
The role of patient engagement in value-based reimbursementBetter patient engagement means better outcomes, which means better value. Here are six ways more involved patients can boost value-based payments.
Annual wellness visit assists value-based payment goalsHere are five things to know about how a Medicare AWV can assist both patients and practices.
To give care to others, physicians shouldn’t be afraid to get helpFour out of 10 U.S. physicians reported they would be reluctant to seek formal medical care for treatment of a mental health condition for fear of repercussions to their licensure
How physicians can stabilize revenuePhysician practices are facing confusion and frustration due to the shift to value-based care and the ever-rising cost of care. Physicians seeking to stabilize their revenue amidst this chaos typically find themselves facing several challenges.
Navigating the rocky financial road aheadStrategies for handling the early-year cash crunch
How to assemble the right financial team to assist your practiceWhy physicians need financial advisers, attorneys and bankers
Everything doctors need to know about modifier 25When to bill an office visit (with modifier 25) and a minor procedure.
How to provide patients the up-front price of treatmentPhysicians should consider revealing prices to meet.