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Education and outreach crucial to teen vaccinate uptakeTeens want and need physicians to reach out and give them responsibility when it comes to managing vaccination, according to a new report.
Report: Middle school vaccine mandates workStates requiring students to get certain vaccinations before middle school have lower disease incidences and higher compliance rates, a new report finds.
8 ways to combat politics in the exam room
8 ways to combat politics in the exam roomIt has been a rough start to 2017 when it comes to politics and healthcare. While no formal studies have been completed, many physicians say political talk with patients is increasing.
9 habits for multifocal contact lens fitting success
9 habits for multifocal contact lens fitting successWhether that’s true or not, you shouldn’t be intimidated by multifocal lens fitting.
Is healthcare a collective right or individual privilege?
Is healthcare a collective right or individual privilege?We, the people, must have an open debate and come to resolution on healthcare: Is it a right or a privilege?
America’s self-inflicted opioid crisis
America’s self-inflicted opioid crisisIn the last few years, drug overdoses led by opioids have become the leading cause of accidental deaths, eclipsing that of automobile crashes and violence.
Liability is limited in vaccine-related injuriesVaccine-related injuries in adults are rising, but healthcare providers administering those vaccines rarely have to worry about liability claims.
Flu “patch” as effective as shots, preferred by patientsResearchers have developed a microneedle patch that could replace injections for influenza vaccination and a host of other diseases.
Growing up in optometry and carving my own pathThis initial blog falls squarely into the tale-telling category of “why I love optometry,” but I feel this particular tale is a great way to introduce myself.
Considerations for participating in an HIEEHRs enable exchange of patient records through health information exchanges, but making the record-sharing work isn’t seamless.