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Here’s how physicians can impact healthcare policies
Here’s how physicians can impact healthcare policiesWhile physicians are charged with directing referrals, diagnostic tests and treatment options, every physician operates under the rules, regulations and restrictions of the government, the payers and the employer.
Managing astigmats when they hit presybopiaFitting toric patients is a breeze today, and we have options to allow those patients to continue to stay in their contact lenses as they become presbyopic.
5 reasons to upgrade patients from monovision to multifocalsMany optometrists use the “if it aint broke, don’t fix it” excuse for not fitting multifocals. It is time for ODs to get comfortable with multifocal contact lenses and the opportunity they provide our practices as well as the ability they give us to meet modern patient demands.
What to do when demodex blepharitis treatment options fail
What to do when demodex blepharitis treatment options failScott Schachter, OD, discusses what you should do when demodex blepharitis treatment options fail.
Your Voice: The next U.S. Surgeon General must be a physician
Docs sound off, question MOCPhysicians question value of process
What you need to know about a comprehensive exam for a physicalWhat qualifies as a preventative exam?
Maintaining certification: gold standard or is luster tarnished?Maintaining certification, specifically under the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM), has come under fire for a number of reasons, ranging from test material that has no connection to day-to-day practice to the salaries of those running the organization.
Protect your practice with a restrictive covenantThe most common healthcare restrictive covenant is a non-competition covenant.
How to improve patient engagement through technologyElectronic health records and portals are not perfect, but they do offer physicians a way to connect with patients