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CMS changes impacting primary care for the better
CMS changes impacting primary care for the betterA look at how Medicare is reforming primary care payment.
Taming the Wild West of mobile healthcareWithin the past decade, over 165,000 mobile health apps have launched, with thousands more on the way.
Involve patients in monitoring IOP
Involve patients in monitoring IOPMonitoring and measuring a glaucoma patient's intraocular pressure can be challenging with patients' busy schedules. Optometry Times Chief Optometric Editor Benjamin P. Casella, OD, FAAO, gives his reasons why home tonometry can help drive a treatment partnership between doctor and patient.
5 steps to maximize your optical profitThe key to optical success lies with the OD's involvement, according to Nazanin Galehdari, OD. She offers 5 steps to improve optical profitability.
Preparing the periocular region for surgery
Preparing the periocular region for surgeryPreparing a patient for ocular surgery can pose challenges with cosmetics being widely used. Marc Bloomenstein, OD, with the advice of Optometry Times Editorial Advisory Board member Whitney Hauser, OD, discusses the importance of properly preparing cosmetic users for eye surgery.
5 tips to enhance the patient contact lens experience
5 tips to enhance the patient contact lens experienceKeeping patients compliant and happy in their contact lenses can be challenging. Crystal M. Brimer, OD, FAAO, gives five practice pearls to drive contact lens success.
Knowing the science behind spectacle lensesODs don't seem to care as much about the science behind spectacle lenses as that of medications and contact lenses. But they should, says Essilor's Howard Purcell, OD, FAAO, and here's why.
3 things I learned about narcoticsBenjamin P. Casella, OD, FAAO, and chief optometric editor of Optometry Times, discusses three things on narcotic prescribing and drug diversion.
Bryan Wolynski, OD, FAAO: Owner of Glasses on First in New York CityBryan Wolynski, OD, FAAO, and owner of Glasses on First in New York City, talks about falling into low vision, working with family, and driving blind in the latest Optometry Times Q&A.
Leveraging advancing care information to lift MIPS scoresChoosing the option of completing the Advancing Care Information (ACI) section of Medicare's Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) offers physicians one clear path through the complex thicket of guidelines that define the program.