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Is there a real time advantage to telemedicine?Time is money, and nowhere is this truer than in the world of healthcare.
ODs’ top 4 gripes about vision care plans: Part 3—Reimbursements
ODs’ top 4 gripes about vision care plans: Part 3—ReimbursementsIn order to continue this dialogue, and in an attempt to help bring some clarity to the landscape around vision plans, I have put together this five-part blog series. Part 1 of this series outlined the four big topics ODs seem to have the most complaints with vison care plans (VCP). In Part 2 of the series, we covered if it has to be this difficult.
Experts offer top blepharitis tips
Experts offer top blepharitis tipsSometimes you just want to know what the experts do.
Easy tips for physicians to reduce billing errorsUp to 80% of all medical bills contain mistakes, so what can be done to fix this problem?
How physicians can utilize National Immunization Awareness MonthThis is a good time for practices to revisit vaccines and remind staff and patients about the importance of immunization education.
Experts warn against alternate vaccination schedulesThere are dangers in straying from vaccine recommendations, so physicians play a critical part in educating patients.
Maternal antibodies may dampen infant's response to early vaccinesAntibodies passed during the third trimester to babies may weaken the infant's response to vaccines in the first few months of life, a new study finds.
More pregnant mothers are getting vaccinated against pertussisAn increasing number of expectant mothers are following through on the recommendation with physician advocacy serving as a key factor, a recent study says.
How do physicians care for the digitally isolated?
How do physicians care for the digitally isolated?Although some patients are already harnessing the capabilities of new and emerging technologies enabled by high-speed internet, others are missing out.
Hospitalists, PCPs bad at communication and its hurting patient careThe American health care delivery system is reaching a point of crisis.