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What a Gorsuch Supreme Court appointment could mean to healthcare
What a Gorsuch Supreme Court appointment could mean to healthcarePhysicians have mixed feelings about Donald Trump’s nominee.
No matter the fate of Obamacare, doctors stand ready to help patientsFor physicians, this sort of uncertainty is business as usual.
Watch out for these HIPAA violations in online reviewsPhysicians can violate federal law simply by replying to a negative review
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How to navigate direct pay successfully
How to navigate direct pay successfullyFocus on patients not payers
How to take advantage of new coding opportunities in 2017Physicians can boost revenue by learning how to correctly use procedural codes unveiled in 2017
Tax planning tips for physiciansNavigating opportunities & landmines
Advocates look to Congress for new patient matching systemA small crack is developing in the long-standing federal prohibition against the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services’ (HHS) involvement in efforts to improve matching patients with their medical records
Is the success of physician-led ACOs sustainable?Team-based care led by doctors are outperforming the competition, but for how long?
Giving a new meaning to self pay patientsThe future perhaps?