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Cybersecurity report a call to action for physiciansHighlights industry issues, but physicians must take steps to keep their own patients’ data safe.
Cognitive computing will bring increased intelligence to EHRsHealth IT experts say technology’s ability to scan data promises significant efficiencies and can improve individualized care.
Everything doctors need to know about patient sexual orientation, gender identityMany health experts believe that by knowing whether a patient is lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or straight, physicians can be more alert to a person’s medical needs and more thoughtful in interactions.
Easy guide to coding to collect what you are owedHow to avoid denials,
 collect what you are owed
The benefits of physician volunteeringHow giving back to the community can recharge
Simple tips to rein in rising consumer collection costsHow to optimize the revenue cycle with comprehensive patient communication strategies
How to use a budget to boost practice performanceBuilding a sound financial plan can help protect from financial instability while charting a successful path forward
CMS should exempt all—not just some—small practices from MACRAThe early verdict from physicians is simple: “MACRA? I think I know what that is, but I’ll pass, thank you.”
How to decipher direct-to-consumer genetic testingDTC genetic testing may provide some relief for patients about their health risks, but more stress for physicians.
Codes physicians likely aren’t using … but shouldBy knowing these codes, practices can earn additional reimbursement.