Modern Medicine Feature Articles

FDA report a disservice to fibroids patientsThe U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has done women a disservice by incompletely examining the evidence for risk and benefits associated with morcellation for women undergoing surgery for suspected fibroids. Of note, within days of the FDA report, the Agency for Healthcare Quality and Research (AHRQ) of the US Department of Health and Human Services published a more rigorous and complete analysis of available data with entirely different results and conclusions. Thirty-six signees recommend that Contemporary OB/GYN’s readers review the AHRQ findings and decide which report serves women best.
Readers ReactReaders write in about their thoughts on Contemporary OB/GYN's coverage of the maternal mortality issue, urge the avoidance of politicizing issues, and argue for the reduction of cesarean deliveries.
Burnout and depression in medical students and mentorsFrom our own experience in academic medicine, Dr. Ed Funai and I can vouch for the fact that most medical students are going into medicine for the right reasons—to help others via a career wedded in both science and humanity. Ironically, those same medical students are also experiencing record levels of burnout, substance abuse and depression as they enter their third and fourth years.
Detecting melanoma before it becomes invasiveNewly discovered dermoscopy features differentiate melanoma in situ from benign lesions, shows a study in JAMA Dermatology.
What you need to be doing about oral health A new poll shows that there is a lot of misunderstanding about when is the right time for children to start seeing a dentist.
Macular degeneration patients regain sight with stem cell implantsTwo patients with macular degeneration regained reading vision after receiving stem cells implanted with a new technique, according to researchers.
Sustained benefit found with fixed-drug combination netarsudil/latanoprostResults from MERCURY-1, a 12-month phase III pivotal trial, show that once daily treatment with fixed-dose combination netarsudil 0.02%/latanoprost 0.005% (Aerie Pharmaceuticals) is safe and provided significantly greater IOP-lowering than either of its components throughout follow-up.
Antioxidant-mitoprotective supplement may reverse mitochondrial dysfunctionIn a small study, a combination over-the-counter supplement with antioxidant and mitoprotective properties significantly reversed mitochondrial dysfunction.
Point: Is HIFU for low-risk prostate Ca ready for prime time?Evidence shows HIFU can provide cancer control outcomes comparable to those associated with radical prostatectomy or radiation therapy in properly selected patients.
Counterpoint: Is HIFU for low-risk prostate Ca ready for prime time?Recommending either whole-gland or focal HIFU cannot be justified when their pros and cons are judged relative to the appropriate comparator.