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How IPL can help dry eye
How IPL can help dry eyeWith the recent DEWS II Report1 still beginning to make its impact on diagnosis and treatment strategies in dry eye, the timing is perfect to begin rethinking our standard treatment protocols.
Ingredients in eczema topicals pose contact dermatitis riskIngredients used in topical products used to relieve atopic dermatitis in children might put those patients at higher risk for contact dermatitis.
Atopic dermatitis associated with different bacteria depending on disease severityNIH investigators find that Staphylococcus epidermidis is predominant in less severe cases, while Staphylococcus aureus is associated with patients who have more severe disease.
A physician's note to healing after Harvey devastation
A physician's note to healing after Harvey devastationThe devastation that hit the coast of Texas certainly qualifies as a time that tries men’s souls. However, at the same time, it is the heart and soul of your fellow man that may allow you to survive that acute devastation and to salvage hope for the future.
Talking to women about sexual dysfunction: Just do it!Female sexual dysfunction is not rare. In the United States, 44% of women are reported to experience some form of sexual dysfunction and 12% of these women report distress associated with dysfunction. Despite this high prevalence, many women never talk to their providers about their sexual difficulties or concerns and many providers fail to broach the topic with their patients.
Talking about female sexual dysfunction in specific patient populationsFor particular groups of women, reluctance to talk about sexual difficulties may be enhanced by perceived societal judgements and misconceptions.
Sharing is caring: Millennial patients and social mediaNot only is the selfie generation happy to share, but they could be the secret to social media success.
How to weed out price shoppersPrice transparency platform gives consumers — and physicians — what they want.
Retail research: Skin care products 101From product selection to staff training, one expert offers guidelines to making your retail venture benefit your bottom line.
New tool identifies diabetic patients’ risk for hypoglycemiaPatients at high risk could be identified and targeted for intervention, resulting in the potential for high healthcare cost savings.