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Career Tips Every Derm Resident Should Know
Career Tips Every Derm Resident Should KnowSeven tips to help dermatology residents have a successful career.
Combination immunotherapy may raise response rate in mRCC“The data from our study show that combination therapy [for metastatic renal cell carcinoma] may offer a much higher response rate with manageable side effects,” says study author Jianjun Gao, MD, PhD.
Small molecule RNA inhibitor shows promise in PCaTargeted treatment with a small molecule RNA inhibitor demonstrates promising activity for promoting apoptosis of prostate cancer cells in culture, report investigators from Scripps Florida.
How to estimate life expectancy in men with localized prostate CaWhile no resource is perfect, it is worthwhile to familiarize yourself with some contemporary methodology and predictive tools to help determine life expectancy in localized prostate cancer patients.
Small practices can have big impact on population health programsAs communities build their population health infrastructure, one expert says small practice physicians are ideal partners to solve health issues.
Telehealth can aid population health growth in rural areasNew study highlights the challenges of taking care of rural patients and opportunities for rural providers to utilize telehealth.
The real ROI of immunizationsVaccinating my patients almost killed my practice last year. I
Handling wearable data remains challenging for physiciansExperts predict an increasing number of patients will want, and need, to share data generated from devices, forcing health IT to find ways to keep up.
EHR documentation challenges remainStudies show documentation remains a significant pain point for physicians, but technology developments on the horizon deliver hope for improvements.
Marketing your practice on social media platformsSuccessful online marketing requires a multifaceted approach to social media. Use multiple platforms to reach your audience in different ways, with the intent to educate and reach patients.