Modern Medicine Feature Articles

Precise capsulotomy can be fast simple elegant technique with novel laserAn investigational laser was singled out by Richard Packard, MD, is a session to highlight "exciting new devices" to help surgeons. The technology provides a fast, simple, and elegant technique for precise capsulotomy, he noted.
How CATS prism can impact clinical decision makingA modified correcting applanation tonometry surface (CATS) prism reduces measurement errors due to corneal biomechanical parameters and improves the accuracy of IOP measurements compared with a standard Goldmann applanation tonometer (GAT) prism.
Where does SMILE monovision fit in?Small-incision lenticule extraction monovision could be a valid option to manage presbyopia in patients with myopia, said Sheetal Brar, MD.
How 'super vision' will redefine goal of LASIKInstead of thinking about getting patients to see 20/20 uncorrected vision and out of the inconvenience of glasses or contact lenses, perhaps in the future we will be talking about getting them all to see 20/10 uncorrected and better than they could before with correction, said Daniel S. Durrie, MD. .
Journey to better IOL power prediction: One surgeon's adviceOphthalmologists know from large studies that the major driving factor for patient satisfaction is having a good postoperative refractive outcome. "That is especially so for patients receiving multifocal IOLs, toric lenses, or having clear lens exchange," said Oliver Findl, MD, MBA.
With range of keratoconus refractive options, is there role for PTK?In eyes with keratoconus undergoing CXL, topography-guided photorefractive keratectomy (TG-PRK) provides superior refractive and functional outcomes compared with transepithelial phototherapeutic keratectomy (TE-PTK). Yet, there remains a role for PTK, said Simon P. Holland, MD.
Why this surgeon 'does a happy dance' for double-rolled DMEK graftInjecting air into the lumen of the graft is an effective and efficient technique for dealing with the dreaded "taquito" graft configuration when performing Descemet's membrane endothelial keratoplasty (DMEK), said Neda Shamie, MD.
Moderate plaque psoriasis may resolve with apremilastWhile there are biologics and systemic agents designed to control the severe form of plaque psoriasis, few treatments work as well in moderate plaque psoriasis. Apremilast may be a game changer.
Rethinking management strategies for PAC, PACGResults of the EAGLE study support clear-lens extraction as initial intervention for eyes with primary angle-closure glaucoma (PACG) or primary-angle closure (PAC) and high IOP, said David S. Friedman, MD, PhD, at the 2018 ASCRS Glaucoma Day.
What a growing patient pool means for future of refractive surgeryDelivering the Steinert Lecture during the ASCRS Refractive Day, Richard L. Lindstrom, MD, provided his thoughts on the current and forthcoming state of laser refractive surgery.