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New products, advancements in dry eyeDavid Kading, OD, FAAO, FCLSA, discusses new products, studies, and patient education available to help combat dry eye disease.
Global eye care hope soars with airborne teaching hospital
Elbow splinting increases amblyopia patching compliance
Is there risk between intravitreal injections and posterior capsule rupture during cataract surgery?Intravitreal injections and posterior capsule rupture during cataract surgery: is there a risk? Research published in the American Journal of Ophthalmology may have an answer.
Choice of needle size when vaccinating childrenAmong concerns with administering these multiple and frequent immunizations in young children are the potential pain and adverse effects associated with injections. Along with inducing pain in some children, the early negative experience of needle-related procedures can interfere with adherence to immunization schedules and create long-lasting effects of anxiety and stress around needle-related procedures that remain into adulthood.
Age linked to decreased pelvic floor strengthA recent study found that decreased pelvic floor strength after childbirth is 2.5 times more likely to affect women over age 25 years than younger women.
Preparing your patient for PRKPhotorefractive keratectomy (PRK) was the original excimer laser procedure approved by the FDA—and is still a safe and effective treatment of refractive errors. PRK has the benefits of no-flap creation; therefore, there is no risk of flap complications.
Survey of APPs highlights need for proper education
Tips for Physician Writers: 10 Steps to Become a Better Writer
Tips for Physician Writers: 10 Steps to Become a Better WriterWhether you’re writing a newsletter for your patients or a memo for your staff, being able to write well is a profoundly useful talent. Here are a few simple ways to become a better writer.
April Clinical Considerations for NP's, PAsIn this month's Clinical Considerations, we look at handling the difficult patient, how to improve our diagnostic skills and the latest psoriasis drug approval.