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Dyspareunia Linked to Underlying Form of EndometriosisWomen who complain of dyspareunia are four times more likely to have endometriosis than healthy women, according to a study.
Laparoscopy Significantly Improves Deep Dyspareunia Associated with EndometriosisAccording to researchers, laparoscopic treatment can significantly improve the sex lives of women with endometriosis by relieving deep dyspareunia.
Cataract surgery may prolong life in older women
Demand for dermatologic care increases in doctor-dense marketsAlthough collectively dermatologists are doing more, each dermatologist may be doing less in the higher quintiles.
Clinical practice guideline authors fail to disclose all industry paymentsSome authors of AAD clinical practice guidelines received sizable payments from industry that were not completely disclosed, JAMA Dermatology Reports.
What impact does maternal obesity have on fetal growth?Results of a study of fetal ultrasounds show that maternal obesity has an impact on fetal growth as early as 32 weeks’ gestation. Plus: Breast cancer risks increased by 21% in women who consumed more than 9 g of processed meat per day, according to a published study. Also: Does prenatal use of topiramate increase risk of cleft palate?
Top 10 most in demand metros for physicians
Top 10 most in demand metros for physiciansA new study has found that there was significant job growth for physicians in 2017 by analyzing 20 of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States.
Treat-and-extend protocol reduces burden of anti-VEGF treatment for DMEResults of the prospective TREX-DME study provide an evidence base for using a treat-and-extend protocol for administering anti-VEGF injections for eyes with diabetic macular edema.
R.I.P., These 5 ThingsNow that we have flipped the calendar to a new year, it’s time to say good-bye to some things we all lost in 2017.
Resolve to Add Humor in 2018Humor may be subjective, but carefully and respectfully adding it to the practice can help create a positive environment for both doctor and patient.