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Considering scleral lenses for astigmatic patientsWe have witnessed a rise in clinical utilization of scleral lenses in recent years, and in some cases, their clinical indications have expanded to include even those patients with regular corneas. Given this sharp rise in scleral lens utilization, the principle of lens selection continuum as proposed by Visser et al appears to also hold true in patients with normal healthy eyes. Thus, when should clinicians reach for scleral lenses when providing care to patients with regular corneas?
5 reasons physicians should choose marijuana over opioids
5 reasons physicians should choose marijuana over opioidsBefore dismissing the idea because of the perceived stigma, warranted or not, with marijuana use, consider these 5 reasons why your postop patient should consider rolling a joint after surgery.
6 things you missed at Vision Expo West 2017
6 things you missed at Vision Expo West 2017If you didn't make it to Las Vegas for this year's Vision Expo West meeting, don't worry. Optometry Times has you covered with the latest news from the meeting. Catch up on what's new!
Let's talk about antibiotic resistance: Survey results part 2Ophthalmology Times wants insight on antibiotics and eye infections from clinicians in the field — so the editors asked you. Readers like you helped by completing our survey and telling us about your experience with postoperative infections after eye surgery, if you use topical antibiotic prior to cataract surgery, how you choose antibiotics in a routine surgical prophylaxis, and more. The 118 U.S.-based ophthalmologists who responded were entered into a drawing to win a $200 gift card, with the winner being an ophthalmologist in Houston.
How surveillance studies help address antibiotic resistancePenny Asbell, MD, explains the latest research findings from the Antibiotic Resistance Monitoring in Ocular micRoorganisms (ARMOR) study.
Get health IT ready for value-based reimbursementFrom the vendor for billing and collections software, to an EHR, if physicians have the need to succeed in value-based reimbursement, help is available.
6 ways to prepare staff for value-based reimbursementValue-based patient care requires the support of an entire practice team, so make sure they understand the new rules of the game.
Herbs are helpful, but use with caution in childrenMore and more parents are using herbal medications to manage their children’s health conditions, but which ones are safe and how are they used?
Vitamin D supplementation in nursing mothers and infantsThere are challenges to defining normal or healthy levels of vitamin D. The question, therefore, is whether to recommend vitamin D supplementation for breastfeeding mothers, their breastfed infants, or both.
Diagnosing and managing otitis mediaA common problem in young children, ear infections often are the subject of debate when it comes to management techniques.