Modern Medicine Cases

A paradigm for the treatment of ocular hypertension in glaucoma suspectsThe combined clinical use of pattern electroretinography for the detection of early glaucoma indicators and selective laser trabeculoplasty for intervention may help realise the potential of early detection and treatment.
Improving the accuracy and comfort of intravitreal injectionsAn intravitreal injection device can provide repeatable results and added comfort for the patient, removing the need for a drape and speculum.
Overcoming the small-pupil FLACS challenge with the Malyugin ringThe second-generation Malyugin ring is a versatile pupil expansion ring with high efficacy in femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery. Professor Boris Malyugin notes its advantages, having used it on a variety of classically difficult eyes and in complicated surgical cases.
Could Instagram be the key to career success?Usually the reserve of millennials, one surgeon finds that Instagram can help make connections in clinical settings.
Private practice: No more a one-man jobIn the early days of my career as a private practitioner in the field if ophthalmology, armed with just a slit lamp and a trial frame, the challenge was only the appropriate care of the patient.
Biosimilars safety performance in psoriasisA study that compares the safety, efficacy and drug survival of biologics to biosimilars, finds that switching to a biosimilar had no significant impact on drug survival or safe
Filaggrin degradation products may explain higher rate of dermatitis in the winterA decrease in the levels of natural moisturizing factors and an increase in the density of corneocytes may explain why dermatitis and xerosis are worse in the winter.
How might the LAL impact the premium cataract market?With ability to provide LASIK-like outcomes, the light-adjustable lens creates a new opportunity for cataract surgeons to grow the premium channel, says Fritz H. Hengerer, MD, PhD.
Ophthalmic ideas have beginnings at intersection of technology, technique"Techniques and technologies evolve in parallel, and the motivation should always be to improve lives," said Steve Charles, MD, founder, Charles Retina Institute, Germantown, TN.
Novel IOL technology addresses residual refractive errorFavorable outcomes have been achieved after the first clinical use of IOL technology that is designed to maintain an open capsule long-term after cataract surgery and enable refractive fine-tuning postoperatively.