Susan Kreimer
How to reduce readmissions
Improving collaboration between physicians and hospitals.
When providers become payers
In an effort to cut costs and improve care, some provider organizations are exploring a new twist on an old idea.
Dismissing patients: How to do it the right way
Dismissing patients: How to do it the right way
Positive outcomes depend on the physician-patient relationship, but what can you do if it doesn’t work out?
Avoiding an EHR-related malpractice suit
As electronic health record use grows, physicians must take steps to protect themselves from liability
Volunteering: The benefits and risks for physicians
Using your medical skills to help out in the community can be rewarding, but physicians must make sure they consider the liability implications before lending a hand.
PCMH accreditation: Is it worth it?
As more physicians consider whether transitioning to a patient-centered medical home model is right for their practice, experts weigh in on the benefits—and challenges—of making it official.
Making care transitions work as an outpatient-only physician
Fewer physicians are juggling outpatient and inpatient duties, yet the care coordination and transition processes are under greater scrutiny than ever. Here’s how to make them work.
Becoming a PCMH: How one physician transformed his practice
James L. Holly, MD describes how stayed ahead of the curve by transforming his group into a patient-centered medical home.
The ICD-10 transition: Avoiding revenue disruptions
Physicians can take steps, ranging from documentation training to taking out a line of credit, to keep their practice financially healthy during the transition to ICD-10
Dealing with Dr. Google: Why communication is key
When patients visit your office, they may already have a diagnosis in mind. Google says that one of every 20 searches on its search engine are conducted to obtain health-related information. With that in mind, how can a primary care physician (PCP) win a patient’s trust and resolve conflicts if the patient wants tests or treatments that the physician believes are unnecessary?