Payal Kohli, MD
Guideline Quiz: ACC Update on Non-Statin Therapy for ASCVD
Find out what you know and what you may need to brush up on in the primary and secondary prevention of CVD.
Exploring the link between atrial fibrillation and type 1 diabetes
A recent study may be first of its kind to report association while also highlights an interesting gender difference in patients.
Dose-adjusted DOACs vs Warfarin: Overview of Efficacy
Patients who require dose adjustment when taking direct oral anticoagulants have not been well studied. This large study is a good start.
Preventing Atrial Fibrillation: A Three-legged Stool
An incremental and tripartite approach to prevention, say researchers, will begin to shift AF disease distribution and decrease morbidity over time.
Atrial Fibrillation Prevention: A Three-legged Stool
A tripartite strategy targets lifestyle change, treats CV risk factors and CV disease, and encourages more global thinking.
Stroke Prevention in the Patient with Afib and T2DM: NOACs vs VKAs
Which anticoagulant therapy has the greater absolute benefit in these complex patients?
ACC Statement on Perioperative Anticoagulation: 5 questions to ask
Answers to these 5 questions about patient and pending procedure create a pathway to decisions about perioperative anticoagulation.
Afib of Less than 48 Hours: A Look at Thromboembolic Risk
New research suggests that even a short time spent in atrial fibrillation increases thromboembolic risk nearly 5-fold.
Acute Onset Palpitations in a 31-Year-Old Man
This first episode of arrhythmia occurs after completion of a customary 4-mile run. HR: 172 beats/min. View ECG here.
Amiodarone: Top 3 Things to Know for Rate or Rhythm Control of AF
Amiodarone effectively treats a wide range of tachycardias but should always be prescribed with caution. Here are 3 key points to remember.