Leah Lawrence
New tool identifies diabetic patients’ risk for hypoglycemia
Patients at high risk could be identified and targeted for intervention, resulting in the potential for high healthcare cost savings.
Longer sleep duration could lessen children’s risk for T2D
Study shows that longer sleep duration was associated with reductions in several markers for type 2 diabetes.
Adult diabetic medication adherence tied directly to financial issues
More than twice as many adults aged 45 to 65 with diabetes reported skipping doses of medication to save money, according to new data.
Younger age at menopause linked with increased likelihood of T2D
Women who experienced premature or early menopause were more than twice as likely to have type 2 diabetes, a new study finds.
HbA1c variability linked to depression in elderly
Good, long-term control of HbA1c may help prevent depressive symptoms in elderly with type 2 diabetes, according to a new study.
Glucose self-monitoring unnecessary in non-insulin treated diabetics
A lack of improvement in HbA1c compared with patients who monitor glucose indicates that monitoring should not be routine, according to new research.
Long-term commitment to diabetes prevention increases success
Sticking with a prevention program for one year increased the likelihood of success
Telehealth program reduced unneeded diabetic retinopathy referrals
A Los Angeles-based program eliminated 14,000 unnecessary visits to specialty care professionals and reduced wait times for patients in need.
MRI-guided PCa detection strategies found cost-effective
Diagnostic magnetic resonance imaging strategies for the diagnosis of prostate cancer should be considered prior to biopsy of suspicious lesions, according to a recent study.
Residential lifestyle intervention can reduce costs type 2 diabetes costs
Improvements in glycemic control from combined diet and physical activity intervention drove down use of routine medications, according to new study.