Alan L. Kaplan, MD
Millennial urologists display a political awakening
Millennial urologists appear to have developed strong opinions on health policy as reflected by their recent social media activity, observes urologist Alan L. Kaplan, MD.
How residents can prepare for changes in physician measurement
"The world of physician measurement is rapidly evolving and residents need to understand the changing landscape," writes urology resident Alan L. Kaplan, MD.
‘Fee for service is going away’: What it really means
Since graduating from medical school, one of the most prevalent commentaries I have heard about health policy is “Fee-for-service is going away.” Depending on the commentator’s level of cynicism, that would be followed with either “You won’t be able to make a living in medicine anymore” or the milder “It’ll be interesting to see what happens.” Read more on Dr. Kaplan's insight on fee-for-service and what it means.
Why urology residents should care about health policy
Recent developments in PSA screening point out why policy truly does matter to residents, writes Alan L. Kaplan, MD, in this blog post.