Keith L. Martin
Physicians want collaboration, not complication, from payers
The physician community has a simple message for payers: Let doctors be doctors.
Primary care physicians react to AHCA
Primary care physicians react to AHCA
From calling it “a step backward” to “complex and confusing,” primary care physicians told Medical Economics they have doubts about GOP healthcare reform plans.
Healthcare reform must start with physicians, not politicians
One of President Donald Trump’s first-day priorities—a complete repeal of the Affordable Care Act—remains unfulfilled as we pass his first month in the White House.
How physicians can deal with policy uncertainty
With rapid change coming from the nation’s capital, doctors are wondering what it means to their practices
No matter the fate of Obamacare, doctors stand ready to help patients
For physicians, this sort of uncertainty is business as usual.
The complicated puzzle of moving past Obamacare
The complicated puzzle of moving past Obamacare
Two former CMS administrators discussed the future of healthcare reform as well as the agency they once oversaw at HIMSS17.
Top tips for physicians to deal with uncertainty
Top tips for physicians to deal with uncertainty
Physicians have always had to be keenly aware of changes in healthcare, from new innovations to updated approaches to patient care. But these days, palliative care internist Amy Davis, DO, is also keeping one eye on healthcare policy developments emanating from Washington, D.C.
Data security: the 800-pound digital elephant in the room for physicians
As you read this, someone somewhere is gaining unlawful entry to hundreds, possibly thousands, of patient records. And it could well be your patients’ data.
Physicians have fought against fake news for years
You may blame it for the results of the presidential election. You may see it as the byproduct of the Internet run amok.
The physician at the IT table
ONC Coordinator B. Vindell Washington, MD, reflects on leading U.S. health IT efforts and what’s next


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