Faye Emery
Presbyopia compensation with femtosecond laser
This article discusses the advantages and limitations for surgical compensation of presbyopia with the femtosecond laser using corneal inlays and the Intracor technique.
IOLs in cataract surgery – do the risks outweigh the benefits in infants?
This article presents recent epidemiological findings outlining the association between cataract surgery, potential visual acuity gains, glaucoma and the risk of undergoing additional general anaesthesia in under 2s. The authors of the original study concluded that use of IOLs in cataract surgery in young children should be critically reassessed, particularly in settings/communities where close, long-term follow-up is challenging.
Santen launches new preservative-free combination eye drop in the UK
Santen recently launched fixed-combination tafluprost and timolol (TAPTIQOM) in the United Kingdom.
Capsule opacification with 2 different IOLs: 3-year results
This follow-up study found anterior capsule opacification development and anterior capsule retraction to be more frequent 3 years after cataract surgery when an IOL with interrupted sharp optic edge at the optic–haptic junction is implanted, compared with an IOL with a continuous edge.
Virtual glaucoma clinics: the future of patient management?
Virtual glaucoma clinics were create to allow for rapid and reliable patient assessment. Within these clinics, data is collected by nursing and non-medical staff and is then reviewed virtually by a senior ophthalmologist. However, despite it’s benefits to the healthcare system as a whole, it is vital to confirm that patients are satisfied with this aspect of service delivery and that patient education remains adequate.