Renee Dowling
Don’t forget to seek reimbursement for discarded drugs
Not doing so leaves money on the table
Unlisted diagnosis codes could lead to denials
Q: We have recently been receiving patient complaints for procedure claim denials. These used to get paid, and our physicians haven’t changed how they are coding. Can you help?
Hospital admissions: Coding scenarios to consider
How do you bill situations when you see the patient in the office and then direct the patient to go to the emergency department (ED)?
How to define supervision when using transitional care management
Defining supervision when using transitional care management
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Physicians can boost revenue by learning how to correctly use procedural codes unveiled in 2017
Everything to know about changes to chronic care management services
The Medicare Physician Fee Schedule updates and revisions contain several positive changes to chronic care management (CCM) services.
What physicians should know about chronic care management changes
Are there other services that we can’t bill if we are billing chronic care services?
Coding chronic care the right way
How is “general” supervision different than “direct” supervision for chronic care management services?
Observation codes: When to use initial vs subsequent
Q: We are a private practice that has several physicians who follow their patients in the hospital. There are times that the patient is in observation, and they are called to help decide whether to admit them or not. Should our physicians bill initial and subsequent observation codes for these visits?
How to bill and code transitional care management the right way
Our office is having a difficult time reaching patients within the required two business days from discharge for transitional care management (TCM) codes. Will this preclude us from billing the codes when all of the other criteria are met?