Alison Ritchie
Top 4 technology challenges for 2015
How physicians can manage growing technology obligations in the practice.
Top 5 financial challenges facing physicians in 2015
It shouldn’t be surprising that, in this constantly changing ecosystem, more practices are struggling to maintain financial homeostasis.
Top 15 challenges facing physicians in 2015
Top 15 challenges facing physicians in 2015
It’s possible to maintain a viable, even thriving practice if physicians confront challenges and identify fixes that can improve their lives and the health of their patients.
Top 6 practice management challenges facing physicians in 2015
Juggling patients, staff and payor needs will become more important as administrative work increases.
When practicing medicine runs in the family
When practicing medicine runs in the family
Watching parents who are physicians practice medicine often has a profound impact on a child’s decision to purse the same career.
Why primary care physicians are seeing fewer patients
Primary care physicians face an increasing amount of administrative burdens throughout their workday that distract from patient encounters, including prior authorizations and payer requests.
CCHIT set to close its operations
The Certification Commission for Health Information Technology has announced that it will end all of its business operations by November 14.
$840 million HHS initiative seeks to redesign healthcare delivery
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has launched a new initiative aimed at redesigning clinical practice and improving healthcare delivery.
Practice consolidation, hospital ownership drives up the cost of care
Two recent JAMA studies show that the recent trend toward practice consolidation influences the cost of healthcare services.
ONC releases 10-year interoperability roadmap
The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT released an updated draft of its 10-year plan to achieve a national, interoperable health IT platform.