Randy Dotinga
Randy Dotinga is a medical writer based in San Diego, Calif.
Metallic stents efficacious for malignant ureteral obstruction
A new study suggests that metallic Resonance ureteral stents are a good option for management of malignant ureteral obstruction because they promote strong long-term outcomes.
Racial disparity seen with SUI surgical restoration
In another potential sign of racial disparities in urologic care, a new study finds that urologic restoration surgery is significantly less likely to be used to treat African-American men with stress urinary incontinence than Caucasian men, although African-Americans appear to have higher rates of SUI.
When subtle isn't enough
Studies suggest that a more aggressive approach to neck tightening procedures yields better results. Patients can experience significant pain and edema from these procedures that may require prescription medications to treat. The procedures cost thousands of dollars, raising questions about whether they're worth the cost for patients.
Picking the best peel
Many different types of peels are available to successfully treat a wide variety of skin conditions. Instances of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) that develop after healing of peel or laser treatments may require additional management. Attendance at workshops and use of prepackaged kits can help derms gain confidence in providing peel treatments to patients.
ICD-10 codes aren't oppressive after all
Alexander Miller, MD, a dermatologist in Yorba Linda, Calif., has a simple message for colleagues grappling with the new ICD-10 codes: Don't panic!
Handling (or even firing) the difficult patient
A panel of veteran dermatologists tackled the topic of difficult patients at the 2016 CalDerm Symposium and offered some tips for successfully dealing with these patients.
A new insurance world
Quality measurement, coverage trends are not new. Opportunity for specialty to develop its own valid data gathering methods. Dermatologists can seek guidance from specialties that have had success
Forge the path
In this complicated new era of health care, a prominent dermatologist says, there are some battles to fight and other changes to accept.
Starting a career in dermatology: 5 questions
Starting a career in dermatology: 5 questions
Residency isn't forever, and young dermatologists on the verge of starting their careers must make big decisions.
How dermatologic research can get its groove back
Research in dermatology comprises only a small portion of the total amount of money spent yearly on research in fields such as internal medicine, neurology and cancer. The need for interested and talented individuals to tackle the big challenges in dermatology is greater than ever before, and practitioners are looking at ways to make the most of limitations in funding, compensation and opportunities that stand in the way of recruiting more qualified individuals to the research ranks.