Andrea Downing Peck
Making data work for your practice
In today’s healthcare environment, using data analysis to improve your bottom line is an issue of survival.
How Cerner deal could change the EHR market
How Cerner deal could change the EHR market
The massive contract could create a ripple effect,analysts say, but impact won’t be clear for years.
Find the right EHR for your practice
Physicians who consider changing EHRs can take steps to ensure the next system meets their needs
Exchanges need improvements
As healthcare reform enters its second year, insurers and exchange vendors complain that interoperability continues to plague the carrier-facing side of federal and state exchanges.
How to optimize your patient portal
The key to persuading patients to use your portal is developing a strategy based on communication and education, physicians say.
The meaningful use 2 challenge
The meaningful use 2 challenge
Achieving stage 2 attestation requires staff cooperation and help from your EHR vendor.
Making the EHR your partner in patient care
Computers in the examining room need not be a barrier to good communication with your patients.
EHR implementation: Training pays dividends
Training is a crucial part of successfully implementing an electronic health record (EHR) system in a physician's practice. Although you may be tempted to skimp on it to save money, doing so could wind up costing your practice far more in the long run.
5 tech trends that will affect the way you practice medicine in 2013
Electronic health records are only the beginning when it comes to technology in medical practices. Here are five trends to look out for in the coming year.
Steps added to revenue cycle management due to Afforadable Care Act
The ACA also will be affecting your practice's revenue cycle management. See the advice that some experts offer.