William Remak, BPHA, BSMT, SGNA, AHCJ
Game-changing meds deliver new hope for Hep C patients
The new-gen treatments for Hep C can make the illness go away, but their extreme price tags make insurance co-pays unaffordable, and many patients just stay sick.
The consequences of high out-of-pocket medication costs
Cost of treatment often forces aging patients on limited incomes to choose between paying for medications or for food and rent.
Raw deal for pharmacists causes backlash for liver patients
Professional pharmacists are the backbone of patient care when it comes to knowledge of the medications we take. If their place is not recognized and respected, then patients will continue to be deprived of access to a very valuable part of their care. Until pharmacists are given an equal footing in the healthcare process, there are roadblocks in the care of people with viral hepatitis and other chronic conditions.