Nancy Groves
KeraLink poised for new era in corneal transplantation
As part of a transformation to one of the pioneering eye banks in the country, Tissue Banks International (TBI) recently underwent a formal rebranding, changing its name to Kera­Link International. This move included shedding the musculoskeletal portion of operations to concentrate on dramatically increasing the number of sight-saving procedures performed globally, explained Douglas Furlong, Kera­Link’s president and chief executive officer.
OCT + OCTA capable of imaging both structure and function
A new dual-modality imaging system adds optical coherence tomography angiography to conventional OCT to rapidly visualize blood flow in the retina and layers of choroidal neovascularization.
Matching steroid therapy, thyroid eye disease severity key to response
When deciding which steroid option may be best for treating patients with thyroid eye disease, first identify the severity and activity of the condition.
Advances address challenges of orbital fracture treatment
Several decades of advances in techniques and technology have enabled surgeons to improve the outcomes of treatment for orbital fractures.
Evidence suggests no harmful effects of aspirin on AMD progression
Observational data from the AREDS2 study suggests that aspirin use is not associated with progression of age-related macular degeneration or development of geographic atrophy or neovascularization.
Making sense of the economics of part-time physician practice
Physicians who would like to work part-time should understand the economic issues involved and learn how to manage staff, patient volume, and costs effectively.
Filtration device lowers IOP in patients with PEG and POAG
A glaucoma filtration device was equally effective in reducing IOP in eyes with pseudoexfoliative glaucoma and primary open-angle glaucoma in a recent small study.
In the pipeline: Novel MIGS stents in various stages of trials
New devices to lower IOP and facilitate aqueous outflow via minimally invasive glaucoma surgery are being developed, and early results from clinical trials are favorable for some.
What to do when blebs start to fail
Bleb failure can often be avoided with well-managed trabeculectomy and effective postoperative care.
Handheld device accurate, safe approach to diabetic retinopathy screening
Handheld device accurate, safe approach to diabetic retinopathy screening
An investigational device for diabetic retinopathy screening has a low technical failure rate, completes testing in a few minutes, provides immediate results, and is not associated with adverse events.