Lisa Zamosky
Manage the complexity of practicing medicine
Government mandates and payer demands have physicians more stretched than ever, but there are strategies to help alleviate the burden.
Will Medicaid parity be extended?
The provision of the Affordable Care Act that raises Medicaid reimbursement rates is about to expire. Here's what it may mean to your practice--and what medical societies are trying to do about it.
The challenges of healthcare price transparency
The growing demand for improved access to cost information presents opportunities for practicing physicians, experts say.
5 tips to improve your practice's financial management
Growing financial pressure on patients in the post-healthcare reform world means physicians need to be prepared to deal with payment issues to protect the financial health of their practices. The keys: Be up front and proactive.
Direct-pay medical practices could diminish payer headaches
Facing shrinking reimbursement rates and a growing list of administrative tasks, many primary care physicians are exploring alternative practice options, including direct-pay models.
Five diets to recommend to your patients
Primary care physicians are on the front lines of the battle against obesity. Here are five diets to recommend to your patients to help them make meaningful lifestyle changes.
New obesity guidelines help physicians and patients with weight loss treatments
While the adult obesity rate went up again in 2013, associated health problems could explode in the next 10 years unless patients and physicians take action.
What retail clinic growth can teach physicians about patient demand
While it’s still too soon to predict a large-scale national expansion in retail clinic numbers, some experts believe their calling card—convenience—should be a consideration for every medical practice in the United States.
Obamacare's most vexing questions for physicians
As October 1 marks the start of open enrollment under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), primary care physicians will need to prepare for the possibility of increasing call volume, patient questions, and greater administrative complexities.
Chronic disease: A growing challenge for PCPs
Chronic disease: A growing challenge for PCPs
The growing number of patients with chronic illnesses and conditions is forcing primary care practices to become more creative with the way they treat such patients.