Mark L. Fuerst
Staff Correspondent
Real-world DAA therapy shows gains in community setting
Physicians have a “good, effective, safe therapy available” for hepatitis C virus genotype 6 patients, says researcher.
Study: DAA all-oral combination successful in treating hepatitis C
Early data shows promise in “real-world” effectiveness.
DAA therapy effective in advanced liver disease in real-world study
All-oral sofosbuvir-based therapy proves a significant advance for hepatitis C virus patients.
DAAs do not increase risk of hepatic decompensation in HCV patients
Researchers say theirs is first national study with a large population to examine possible link.
DAAs aid treatment of hepatitis C patients with cancer
Direct-acting antiviral agents can be safely administered with chemotherapy in patients with hepatitis C virus, according to new research.
DAA treatment restricted for Canadian hepatitis C patients
Patients with hepatitis C virus (HCV) in Canada are limited in their access to direct-acting antiviral agents, according to researchers.
COPD patient education can aid compliance efforts
Patient education is the key to enhancing treatment of COPD and getting patients to adhere to their recommended regimen.
Open communication facilitates more effective COPD care
An open dialogue between primary care physicians and COPD patients can make a real difference.
Family members share in the care of COPD patients
Family members and caregivers need to be involved as part of the treatment team for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients.
Technology can help track and manage COPD patients
High-tech approaches to chronic care can help COPD patients avoid hospital visits through better management of their condition.