Bill Gillette
Fat grafting: Risk assessment for breast reconstruction
Is it safe to perform fat grafting after mastectomy for breast reconstruction?
Forcasting the future: Is print dead?
Even the aesthetic specialty is not exempt from asking this question.
CAL breast augmentation with SVF
Does stromal vascular fraction (SVF) affect fat graft retention in breast augmentation by cell-assisted lipotransfer (CAL)?
Skin substitutes for wound management
Boston-based surgeons examine the literature for the current status of tissue engineered skin substitutes in the United States.
Perforator mapping with your smartphone
Could a $200 smartphone-compatible thermal imaging camera effectively assess the cutaneous blood flow in reconstructive surgery patients?
Improving transaxillary breast augmentation results
Plastic surgeons in South Korea examine using shaped cohesive gel implants in transaxillary breast augmentation.
Large-volume fat transfer for buttock augmentation
New research suggests adding power-assisted technology results in less operative time and more reliable results.
New facts about face transplants
Little is known about long-term outcomes of face transplants, but recent evidence suggests a need for countermeasures to delay accelerated facial aging in this patient group.
Are weekdays best for body contouring?
Results of a recent study suggest that prospective body-contouring patients would be well advised to schedule their procedure on a day that doesn’t start with the letter S.
The preperiosteal midcheek lift technique
Precise release of retaining ligaments makes this technique makes this approach atraumatic with minimal complications.