Lori Rousche, MD
Do quality measures disillusion young doctors?
If patients are going to hurt the practice’s financial bottom line by causing adverse scores, are they patients we want to continue to serve?
Dipping a toe into the world that is CPC+
Dipping a toe into the world that is CPC+
Comprehensive primary care plus (CPC+) is a program with goals to provide better patient care and decrease the cost of healthcare. There are five comprehensive primary care functions that CPC+ focuses on to meet this end.
You had better be savvy with your coding
You had better be savvy with your coding
With the change in payment focusing on quality medicine instead of the old-fashioned fee for service, providers better be savvy with their coding or they will lose out on the money needed to run their practices.
How to stay engaged with patients—in spite of your EHR
Today’s physicians are busier than ever tackling high-volume schedules, chasing quality metrics and interpreting scads of data flowing into the electronic health record (EHR) 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
The role of staff in meeting quality metrics
Changing job descriptions and the roles of staff members can help physician practices meet quality care goals. Here's how.
EHRs and audits mean new roles for physicians, staff
With the introduction of electronic health records (EHRs), and the increasing use of audit results and quality measures for payment, it is clear that the traditional nurse and front-office staff job descriptions have to be revamped. As doctors have to meet more and more requirements to get paid, they need to rely heavily on their staff to collect and enter data that insurers will review and use to determine payments.
Giving, and getting, back to your practice and community
When 34 very diverse primary care physicians join together into a single group, some differences of opinion and varying styles of practice are bound to occur.