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Fellowship training in cosmetic surgery
In a specialty that has become a melting pot, cosmetic surgery fellowships help to hone surgical and nonsurgical skills and develop overall expertise.
Patient perspective on labia reduction
Recent research reveals patient motivations behind the growing demand for seeking labiaplasty.
Reduce flank fat without pain, downtime
Nonthermal pulsed ultrasound (UltraShape, Syneron Candela) treatments significantly reduce flank fat, without pain, downtime and apparent risks, according to a study.
The latest in biocellular regeneration
Could these pipeline autologous cell therapies be future game changers for hair growth and skin rejuvenation?
A peek at the pipeline
There is tremendous excitement surrounding IL-23 inhibitors for the treatment of psoriasis. Three are currently in the pipeline.
Biologic class differentiators
Dermatology experts offer insight into differentiating factors among TNF-alpha inhibitors, the IL 12/23 antagonist, IL 17 inhibitors and an oral option that carry considerations for managing certain patients.
Many faces of the facelift
Two surgeons describe the why and how of their favorite facelifting approaches.
5 reasons for a practice investigation
An increase in investigations primarily impacts surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists who serve as medical directors to medical spas outside of their own practices. This is what to know.
The male facelift patient is different
New approaches and a rethinking of aesthetic goals now allow for an effective rejuvenation of the male face, while preserving a natural, masculine appearance.
Strategic blepharoplasty in the male patient
Upper eyelid surgery should be done very conservatively in male patients so as not to overly change the male appearance.


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