Robert C. Scroggins
Business insurance coverage every physician should have
Your biggest risk and greatest exposure as a physician is in the area of professional services. But liability also can arise when it comes to the business side of a medical practice, however, and it is in this area where other types of coverage become highly important.
Maximize patient collections using the web
Maximize patient collections using the web
With the addition of EHRs and patient portals, many practices today are better positioned to incorporate modern processes and procedures to manage their accounts receivables more effectively, particularly by improving collections from patients.
Collecting patient bills: When to use a collections agency
The importance of establishing internal collections policies before turning to a collections agency
4 investment strategies to protect your portfolio and achieve gains
How physicians can optimize their investment behaviors and make sound, long-term decisions.
7 overlooked strategies to lower your tax burden
These strategies are easily implemented but commonly overlooked ways to manage and reduce your tax liability.
Three money policies to rethink at your medical practice
Using current technology brings efficiency, reduces some of the control risks related to cash and checks, and helps keep the patient responsibility portion of your accounts receivable in check. Consider these three functions in your practice.
Exit and succession planning: Effective strategies for retiring physicians
Early retirement planning and open communication can help you find a buyer for your practice, ease your transition to retirement, ensures your practice thrives and provides effective care coordination for your patients.
Theft in a medical practice: Why it happens and how to stop it
Protecting against embezzlement comes down to eliminating opportunity. You cannot do much, if anything, to control another person’s motive or rationalization. However, motive and rationalization are the places where you look for a problem.
Q&A: How long to keep explanation of benefits statements?
Superbills, encounter forms, and EOBs are not considered primary records and can be destroyed after they are input into the billing system.
Q&A: Paying part-time doctors
We are a four-physician group, and one of our members, though not the senior member, wants to reduce his workload.