Jeffrey Bendix
Physicians: Make health IT user-friendly to improve care delivery
Electronic heath records (EHRs) and other forms of health information technology have the potential to significantly improve care delivery and patient outcomes. But that can’t happen until the technology becomes more user-friendly and patient-focused than it is today.
CMS unveils plan for new payment model
CMS unveils plan for new payment model
Initiative is next step in move away from fee-for-service.
Millennials in medicine
Millennials in medicine
The millennials have arrived, and they are shaking up the workplace—including the practice of medicine.
‘Choosing Wisely’ showing mixed results
Publishing guidelines alone not enough to ensure implementation
Best EHRs: Physician reviewed
Medical Economics put questions about EHRs to experts and consultants in the field of health information technology. Their answers fall into two broad, interrelated categories: The products themselves, and the ways they are purchased and used. Read the results of our EHR survey.
Uninsured numbers fall from 2013 to 2014
The number of Americans without health insurance shrank from 2013 to 2014, as did the gap in coverage rates between whites and non-whites, according to two new studies.
Fighting back, part 2: The quest for independence
Fighting back, part 2: The quest for independence
The fight against the pressures facing independent primary care practices can take many forms. For some, it has meant joining forces with other practices to attain the benefits that come with size without sacrificing their day-to-day autonomy. Others are taking a different route—minimizing the bureaucratic obstacles to practicing medicine by adopting direct pay practice models.
More trouble for EHRs?
Two new studies highlight shortcomings of Meaningful Use program and doctors’ dissatisfaction with technology
Experts see potential in population health management, but obstacles remain
Population health management holds great potential for improving healthcare and lowering costs, but obstacles still need to be overcome is the takeaway from a panel of healthcare experts in a Google hangout videoconference.
Fighting back, part 1: Overcoming the challenges of independent practice
Fighting back, part 1: Overcoming the challenges of independent practice
Owning a primary care practice has rarely—if ever—been more challenging than it is today. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. In this and the following issue of Medical Economics, we present physicians and practices that are beating the odds by fighting back. They are overcoming the obstacles to success and practicing medicine the way they want to. We hope their examples inspire you to fight back too.


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